InteriCAD T6 all in one

InteriCAD T6 is a unique ALL-in one solution for all professional architects and designers in design and interiors industry. Within one hour you can create: 2D and 3D sketches, 3D modeling design, high-resolution photo-realistic images, live animations, panoramic vue and related working drawings. This solution contains both 2D CAD, 3D CAD, Modeling, Visualization and Animation in one package! InteriCAD T6 is designed to follow a designer's workflow.

See Demo with the new

Besides ordinary rendering, has YFCad developed one of the best renderings core available (Photon render), this rendering method requires prolonged rendering than the standard rendering method, but examines and cleans / optimizes all surfaces automatically and ends with an image like no other interi software can do better. Photon renderer is now available in InteriCAD T6, InteriCad Lite 2.0 and KDMax V5 "UK" (Not in KDMax V5 "UK") - so enjoy!

Moreover forces InteriCAD T6 communication between designers and their customers, and increases efficiency and creates joy in the actual design work. All you need is in InteriCAD T6!

Create your design ideas in a virtual environment through the entire design process from concept to finished result.
InteriCAD T6 makes your design ideas into reality, simply and effectively in all stages of the design process. The system is also a powerful communication tool, so you and your clients have a clear picture of how the design brings you going. With InteriCAD T6 you have one tool that gives you the same as several other programs combined.

From concept to reality .... for you who wants everything in one!



2D to 3D design template

Make a quick 2D floor plan that is converted to 3D in just seconds. Insert doors and windows with drag and drop - you are now ready for its setting.

Save time and make use of our (or own) pre-custom design templates that automatically generate your desired style. On the show has already designed a through-line in terms of material selection, style of doors and windows and panels, cornices and more.

You can now choose from thousands of models and
materials that just pulled into the design. This can
then freely resized, fitmap mm. - with
InteriCAD it is you who is boss!

Get a visual result with the same so you get a fast
overview of where to be modified and deployed.



Effects lighting

InteriCAD T6 incorporates all kinds of materials with perfection even with special effects such as engraving / cicelering in glass after bitmap. Choose from a myriad of our extra effects to the leather look, running water, etc.. or import your own and put the material. In InteriCAD there are no limitations.

For the less experienced or busy user contains InteriCAD T6 a smart light function that automatically suggests 4 different setups.

Wanted more control, there are a myriad of light effects that can easily be adjusted in watts (lum / lux), color, dispersion and direction. This feature in itself covers everything lighting industry may wish to present their solutions

InteriCAD T6 also supports IES format to render specific professional indoor lighting, which casts itself in waves, circles, etc..

Furthermore InteriCAD also reproduces the natural light from the sun - at all times of day - and again you can even adjust the strength, color, orientation, etc..


Rendering Kernel / Photon

The new generation of virtual representation really comes into its own with the world's most advanced rendering
kernel, developed by YFCAD software itself. Together with our effects and light settings make this kernel level a notch higher up the term "photorealistic". Here are both much better images while saving a lot of time on the process itself. InteriCAD T6 has trailers launched the new Photon render, where one can achieve a matte silk look not seen anywhere else. You can of course also save other outputs, such as panoramic, 3D images and color channel images.

See renderings examples here

... you have large projects or clients that require more, you can easily add real live animations.

Network Rendering

Integrate your resources and get even faster images with the brand new network rendering technology.
This new feature can give you quick results in the highest quality.

Large model library

We have over 10,000 models available on our web page - all you need - furniture, lamps, staircases,
plants, blinds, etc. In addition, you can always import their own DXF and 3DS models and drawings.
InteriCAD also contains all sorts of colors and materials, and want other textures, logos, materials
and backgrounds, it just pulls you into your design.

System Recommendations

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8
Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon processor, 3.0 GHz or faster or Intel or AMD Dual Core processor, 2.0 GHz or faster
2 GB of RAM or more
2 GB free hard disk space available exclusive installation
Screen resolution 1024x768 (true color) 128 MB or higher
OpenGL Compatible Video Card
DVD 8 speed or faster
Internet access recommended for updates and download from support page + model library
Internet Explorer 6 or higher

From concept to reality .... for you who wants everything in one!

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New T6 2014 brochure 


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